Use of laxatives during pregnancy

crazy the doctor describes me for 1 week (or 3) use of 3-a-day 500mg laxatives for my constipation. For over a week or more, I did not put on weight, or in fact lose weight, whilst my is supposed to grow fast at week 24-25. I looked thinner, felt thirsty all the time. Confused, I looked up on the Internet and found out that you shouldn”t take laxatives frequently or adverse effect is lose weight, instentinal system depends on it and work too fast, wasting water and food etc….

aaaaah I need to help with my bowel movement, my instestinal are just fine!!!!!! What a doctor! But not blaming them anyway since constipation was one of the main reasons caused me threatened labour pain. However, they should have given me different medicine, or different instruction since this medicine can affect my baby and me badly!!!!!

The suggestion on internet generally are:drink prune juice for constipation; high-rich fibre food, stew, steam instead of fry etc.

JUST DO NOT TAKE laxatives aaaaaahhhhhh

My action: if the constipation is the cause for my pain, I will see a digest doctor, because my real problem is the irritable bowel movement.

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