Singapore, first research

First research
_good news is plenty of jobs needs Japanese and there are agents taking care of that too. It may not be so tough for Diep to get a job there. We’ll know more this summer after visiting some agents.
-bad news is I don’t know anything out there suitable to me.

-a lot of VERY INTERESTING yet VERY EXPENSIVE COURSE is out there in Sing: personal branding (wow), presentation, speak clearly, pronunciation and all kinds of sorts! wow, wish we have money for all those courses! On average it’s 200USD/a day for a course.

-ticket is not too expensive either, it’s less than 4man for return. No visa needed. So we can have a pleansant trip there.

need to discuss/think of Total budget and timing. and then ask for help from friends in terms of accommodation.

OK that’s it for now. Voila singapore. Topic closed for toda.

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