28.5 first day on new diet

The word diet is normally used for “losing weight”, “an kieng”, not for gaining weight, funny. But anyway, those are what I ate today, whoever’s concerned aboutheir weights would be so jealous of me who can eat anything she wants! Sadly, she doesn’t want many things, or many things are very expensive.

Anyway, my cheap, 2000 calories diet:

-Morning: 100ml of milkb(forgot to drink all), little bread (too sweet), tofu (76kcal), 1 fruit juice (>80kcal)

– Lunch: Tempura, good: finish the noodle, 1 raw eggs, three shrimps-rolled-in-bread, half the rice. Hurrah (but too full or something that I’ve spitted out most before class)

-Dinner (early): 1 fruit jelly (~100kcal), a rich meal with ~100mg fish, cu cai, and rau cai luoc, a bowl of rice. –> full for a while.

-super: a banana, a bowl of meal with at least 40gr cornflake (over 172kcal for the flake and around over 100 kcal for the milk) too full now

So I got around 8-9 li-ti-mo and two main meals.very good first day!!!!

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One Response to 28.5 first day on new diet

  1. dungdiep161 says:

    should note that the hot milk before sleep is good. I had a better sleeplast night, although vivid dream still happened in the mornig. take an hour before u sleep though to avoida full bladder

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