my new regime of gaining weight

It’s scary how helpful and also, how scary Internet can be to you indeed. Over the last year, I’ve found the following:

1. Most of my problem is due to low sugar blood, or called a fancy name: Hypoglycemia, (well I’m just in an early stage so I can still eat natural foods etc) which causes a number of issues ( I will post a relevant post later for this), in which includes morning tiredness, low pressure, stiffiness, tiredness etc, feeling low etc. And today I found out that’s also the reason for “sleeping with vivid dream” problem. OK, so when the blood is low on sugar, the brain will need to be very active even when I’m asleep in order to gather all possible sugar to feed the brain, so that’s why my mind’s active even when I’m asleep, it’s not much to do with stress or or work-related issues as my husband always believe so.

2. I’ve also found outthat I’ve just eaten below 1700kcal a day and that’s why I don’t get fat and instead on a low consumed day I will lose weight immediately (Sunday when mum cooks only Pho for example). I’ve also realized that I didn’t eat enough fat lol, and the body just couldn’t get fat lol. So I’m very much underweighted.

3. What I will need to do from now on:

a. Eat something with protein or carbonhydrate (just litle) close to the sleep, and drink a hot meal half an hour (or an hour) let see, before my sleep in order to get a better sleep. I will also tryto sleep at 12 or 1a.m (will eliminate the 1a.m once I’m able to sleep better). Take a nap if possible during the day too.  

b. Eat 10 of li-ti-mo (little, small items) a day, like apple, tofu, fruit, salad, bread, cakes, milk, yogurt, fruit jelly, juice drink, a-ti-so drink (sweet!) a day so that it adds up to 1000kcal a day (or more please) for those li-ti-mo stuff.

c. On each main meals) please make sure you get 500kcal, tough job (spaghetti + sauce will do, and similarly rice + veg+ meat of above 100grams each meal will do). Will gradually note down how much calories each food contain, that will be helpful too. Don’t try to eat too much to puke.

OK that’s it for now.

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